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Hal Robinson, the master with pen and ink, drew The Stein for Easyriders magazine in 1973. Robinson a man of vision, was able to take Red’s lifestyle and sexual fantasies to the limit in this cartoon masterpiece. Hal never drew a solitary drawing with just a few lines. He stepped into each piece and lived with each finely inked line. This would be Red’s Stein of Steins.

No one on the planet could depict the detail, the sex, the high or the feeling portrayed in this drawing like Hal. To drink from this Stein would be a brother’s ultimate experience.

T-Shirts are 100% cotton and are discharged printed.  Discharge printing is a top quality process of bleaching out the background and then reprinting.  Resulting in a print that looks tattooed into the garment with very little hand feel.  Printed 5-Ball neck label.

T shirts:  100% Cotton, traditional fit, crew neck tee.  Printed in USA.