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Hal Robinson™ package including a T-Shirt, Print, signed certificate, and sticker $45.00, a 10 percent discount.

This Panhead Engine has a few screws loose and is on the verge of having its long awaited 19th Nervous Breakdown, “Rolling Stones 1966.” It’s coming unglued and is not long for this world or anywhere else except in the big pile on the garage floor – for now.

Only Hal Robinson can depict the breakdown action and bring back memories of these experiences. But no Panhead ever dies. They all come back to life with hard work, quality parts and perseverance. Every biker who knows the Code of the West and has the tools can make it happen.

T-Shirts are 100% cotton and are discharged printed.  Discharge printing is a top quality process of bleaching out the background and then reprinting.  Resulting in a print that looks tattooed into the garment with very little hand feel.  Printed 5-Ball neck label.

T shirts:  100% Cotton, traditional fit, crew neck tee.  Printed in USA.