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Hal Robinson™ package including a T-Shirt, Print, signed certificate, and sticker $45.00, a 10 percent discount.

A Magnificent Classic Weed Design from the early ‘70s by Hal Robinson. No one could paint Bikers and Freedom like Hal did. He made you feel especially high just looking at his superlative art work. Biker Power grew crazy in the ‘70s when Bikers protested Helmet Laws and overturned more than half of the restrictive state laws throughout the country.
Bikers felt the power, felt the freedom, and felt the courage especially during this era.

T-Shirts are 100% cotton and are discharged printed.  Discharge printing is a top quality process of bleaching out the background and then reprinting.  Resulting in a print that looks tattooed into the garment with very little hand feel.  Printed 5-Ball neck label.

T shirts:  100% Cotton, traditional fit, crew neck tee.  Printed in USA.