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These puppies are amazing and available in full leather or Cordura. They are back by popular demand and are cool as can be. I’ve ridden to Sturgis several times just using my Bandit’s Bedroll.

It’s about 7 inches in diameter and straps to your front end in a number of ways. I often just use ty-wraps. With one bungie cord, my jacket or rain gear and workout shoes strapped to the top. It acted as my wind break for long rides. I was able to easily pack for about four days in the main compartment, carry a full load of tools under the forward flap and locks, keys, chap-stick, you name it, smokes, lighters, in the zipper end pockets.

If you need tools for your bike or for a partner’s, they are easily accessible. Just open the flap and go to work.


  • Tool flap and parts pocket
  • Two zippered end pockets
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Hand carry strap
  • Several tie-down options